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Sportsphysio Practice in Football I 완결 

강사님 SoonMin, Kwon
클래스 구성 Lesson 19
총 시간 약 분
12개월 할부시 월 원
로그인후 장바구니
로그인후 즉시구매

Class Introduction


Who is this class for?


In addition, we will discuss how taping can be used as a first line of treatment after an injury and how it can minimize the severity of the injury. Lower extremity neurotherapy is a treatment technique that restores weak muscle function by mobilizing muscles, nerves, and blood vessels through an anatomical perspective of the nerves and blood vessels that play a role in muscle function and nutrition. By mobilizing the main nerves of the lower extremities, it can help to relieve pain and perform better by expanding the mobility of joints and muscles that are lacking in athletes and general people.
Neuroactivation training is an essential training method for modern sports as it improves the functioning of the sensory organs that we need to perform, which can lead to better performance and prevent injuries. In this book, you'll learn simple but essential techniques that can be applied in the field, so you can apply them right away.


✅ I recommend it to these people

1. those looking for a simpler, more accurate way to tap
2. looking for a more direct method of nerve relaxation and pain reduction
3. looking for a new way to exercise to improve performance


✅ After you take a lecture, you will learn by:

1. fast and accurate taping
2. Easily relaxes key lower extremity nerves and muscles
3. Training exercises to improve performance


lecture composition 📚


Lecture 01 - sports taping

Lecture 02 - lower extremity sports taping (non-elastic tape)

Lecture 03 - Lower Extremity Sports Taping (Elastic Tape)

Lecture 04 - Special Situation Taping

Lecture 05 - Major Lower Extremity Nerve Therapy

Lecture 06 - Neuroactivation Training



SoonMin, Kwon

  • Graduated from Department of Physical Therapy, AGF Frankenthal (Akademie der Gesundheitsfachberufe)
  • Staatlich anerkannter Physiotherapeut (German physiotherapist)
  • Manuelle Therapie (German orthopedic therapy qualification)
  • Manuelle Lymphdrainage (German lymphatic manipulation qualification)
  • Sportsphysiotherapie Grundkurs (German sports physiotherapy basic course)
  • Stadtklinik Frankenthal Frankenthal City Hospital (2009-2010)
  • Physiopraxis Wolf Wolf Physiotherapy Clinic (2013-2014)
  • TSG Hoffenheim Bundesliga(2014-2021)
  • Current) Daejeon Hana Citizen


lecture material