In 2015, The Korea-ASEAN Future-Oriented Cooperation Fund had conducted a football game video analyst
training program for a prime example of using sports as a medium for building bridges between countries and improving athletic performance.
The participation of 18 countries, including Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, and Brunei,
indicates a broad interest and commitment to advancing sports analytics and performance in the ASEAN region.


The ASEAN-Korea Cooperation Fund's initiative, particularly the 'Korea-ASEAN Football Interpersonal Exchange and Leadership Development (FIELD) Program' implemented by Sangmyung University, is a significant effort in strengthening ties between Korea and ASEAN countries through sports, specifically football. This program underscores the importance of sports as a unifying and developmental tool.

The financial support from AKCF and the approval from SOMS (ASEAN Sports Senior Management Meeting) reflect the importance and recognition of this project at both regional and international levels. Such initiatives not only boost the sports sector but also contribute to building a stronger and more integrated ASEAN-Korean community.


Strengthening Cooperative Relationships

By focusing on football, the project aims to enhance the bond between Korea and the ASEAN countries, fostering mutual understanding and cooperation.

Support for World Cup Infrastructure

The project aims to assist in developing the soft infrastructure necessary for hosting successful international sports events like the World Cup. This could involve training programs, facilities development, and organizational expertise.

Establishment of Grassroots Football Systems

A key objective is to lay a foundation for football at the grassroots level within ASEAN countries, which is essential for the long-term development of the sport.

Development of Professional Soccer Training and Talent Nurturing

The project seeks to contribute to the professionalization of football training and to nurture talent in this field, which can elevate the overall quality and competitiveness of football in the region.

Fostering Development in Sports Medicine

A balanced development of football and sports medicine is a focus, indicating a comprehensive approach to sports development that includes health and fitness of athletes.

Human Exchange and Leadership Development

The FIELD Program emphasizes human exchange and the development of leadership skills, which are vital for creating a sustainable and progressive sports environment.

ASEAN Cooperation Project

The primary goal of the 'ASEAN-Korea Cooperation Fund' is to enhance cooperative relations between Korea and ASEAN member countries by
focusing on specific areas of collaboration. This project particularly aims to support the development of vital soft infrastructure necessary
for hosting a successful World Cup, along with the establishment of grassroots football systems within ASEAN.
Additionally, it seeks to contribute to the improvement of professional football training and the nurturing of human resources in this field.

Founded in 1937, Sangmyung University is one of Korea's leading universities with a total of 10 colleges and about 20,000 students.
The relationship between the University and the ASEAN and ASEAN-Korea Cooperation
Fund began with the successful completion of the 2015 ASEAN Football Video Analysis Expert Course.

With the aim of fostering balanced development in Asian Football and Sports medicine, the University implement
‘ASEAN-Korea Football Interpersonal Exchange and Leadership Development (FIELD) Programme’ focused on human exchanges and leadership development from 2023 to 2024. This ASEAN Cooperation Project has received endorsement from SOMS (ASEAN Senior Officials Meeting on Sports) and is financially supported by AKCF (ASEAN-ROK Cooperation Fund).

Project Introduction

Football recently became the rallying point for ASEAN and due to increasing of smartphone’s penetration rate in ASEAN, people can share the experience from sport events so young generation’s interest in sports is continuously growing.

Noting the adoption of the Terms of Reference of the Technical Working Group for ASEAN’s Joint Bid for the World Cup 2034, the convening of its first meeting (Source: Joint Statement of AMMS-6), as well as the forthcoming discussion and preparatory activities for this initiative, as a family member of Asian football community, ROK is willing to assist ASEAN countries by providing well-designed training programme for raising future expertise of football. The cooperation amongst neighboring nations will lead to a better conclusion for the next generation and will contribute to producing successful results for the whole community.


A private sector exchange on football can contribute to build a sustainable community, strengthen ability to innovate and proactively develop for ASEAN community, as well as increasing the potential of sports. This project/programme will be a good start point to collaborate among football experts of ASEAN member countries and ROK and build a strong fellowship, by sharing experiences earned from KFA’s joint hosting of the FIFA 2002 World Cup and its sole hosting of the FIFA 2017 U-20 World Cup, where through the excellent training assets built up from these experiences , this project will contribute to establish the regional proximity and to discuss common goal for sustainable development of football industry.


In 2024, 'the University' plans to provide ‘Sports Physical Therapy and Sports Nutrition Training Courses’ for medical professionals and related students in ASEAN countries, and Korea's top-notch sports physical therapists (former/current national team, K1 league) and clinicians will provide a high-quality training program. This program shares Korea's outstanding sports physical therapy experience and provides latest evidence-based education on the treatment, rehabilitation, prevention, and nutrition of sports injuries that may occur during games or training.

Place of education

Sangmyung University
20 Hongjimun 2-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul