Program Introduction

· In the first semester of the program, online training will be provided for participants of each ASEAN country through an online platform, and in Korea, an invitation training program will be provided in the second semester of the program.

· Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Courses include Biomechanics, Pathophysiology, Exercise Physiology (for the medical profession), Medical Emergencies, Field Pain Management and Treatment, Post-Operative Rehabilitation and Injuries, Strength and Conditioning Training.

This program will target sports medicine professionals and medical experts from ASEAN member countries, offering education in sports medicine
and sports-related chiropractic/osteopathic treatments. Through this education, all participants will develop the ability to treat,
rehabilitate, and prevent injuries that athletes may sustain during competitions, as well as enhance the athletes' performance.

The program will not only focus on the impact of elite sports participation on health and performance but will also consider the role of physical activity,
nutrition, mental health, and other lifestyle factors in promoting health.

Course Overview

Sports Physiotherapy and Nutrition Training Course for Korea-ASEAN Football
Interpersonal Exchange and Leadership Development (FIELD) program.


For sports-related medical professionals of member countries of ASEAN, through sports medicine and sports-related
chiropractic/osteopathic education, the medical staff will develop their ability to improve athletes’ performance and to treat,
rehabilitate and prevent an injury to players who may occur during the match.

The program will focus on the health and performance implications of participation in elite sport,
but will also consider the role of physical activity, nutrition, mental health and other lifestyle factors in promoting good health.

Number of Participants:

⚽ In 2024, 80 trainees are newly recommended for the online course. In addition to that, 20 out of 80 trainees
who completed 2024 online course, will be selected on the basis of the test result to be invited to Korea for offline course in 2024.
- Language of Training Course : English
- Training Institute : Sangmyung University in Seoul
- Online Training period(1yr course) : 8 January (Monday) 2024 ~ 1 April (Monday) 24 (3 months)
- Online & Offline traning period (2yr course) :To be decided / To be announced