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Management of Female Football player 완결 

강사님 SeonA, Min
클래스 구성 Lesson 7
총 시간 약 분
12개월 할부시 월 원
로그인후 장바구니
로그인후 즉시구매

Class Introduction


Who is this class for?


This chapter focuses on female football players, distinguishing itself from previous data by placing emphasis on injury mechanisms and prevention drills that affect women more frequently and emphasizing the management of energy imbalance which may negatively affect female football player’s performance.


✅ I recommend it to these people

1. Working in sports medicine area
2. Working for Woman’s health
3. Fitness instructors


✅ After you take a lecture, you will learn by:

1. How to detect injury risk and decline in performance
2. How to balance energy intake and expenditure
3. Set up effective drills / strategies to prevent injuries


✅ What you'll need

1. Anatomy
2. Biology
3. Musculoskeletal physiotherapy


lecture composition 📚


Lecture 01 - Definition of Recovery

Lecture 02 - Nutrition for Proper Recovery

Lecture 03 - Different methods for proper recovery

Lecture 04 - How movement affects recovery

Lecture 05 - How Sleep Affects Recovery

Lecture 06 - Creating an environment for recovery

Lecture 07 - How Sleep and Movement Affect Soccer Performance

Lecture 08 - Team Support Checklist as a Sports PT

Lecture 09 - Plan for Recovery



SeonA, Min

  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy at University of Newcastle
  • Current member of Australian Physiotherapy Association
  • Current Korean Physical Therapy Association member
  • Current Southport Health Clinic Director
  • Current Director of Coomera Home Physio
  • Current Director of With Pilates
  • Current Studio Pilates international trainer
  • Current Bolton Clarke Galleon Garden Senior physiotherapist
  • Current HCP service provider
  • Former Toronto Private Hospital
  • Former NSW Bluebell Soccer team sports trainer
  • Former therapist at Ulsan Hanmaeum Hospital
  • Former Chuncheon Hupyeong Orthopedic Therapist
  • Former Seoul Hope Nursing Home therapist


lecture material