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Off-the-field tactics ‘Recovery’ 완결 

강사님 SoonMin, Kwon
클래스 구성 Lesson 22
총 시간 약 분
12개월 할부시 월 원
로그인후 장바구니
로그인후 즉시구매

Class Introduction


Who is this class for?


Recovery is an integral part of our daily lives, and it's already happening on a subconscious level. We want to help you learn and understand the principles of recovery so that you can find and apply ways to speed up your recovery.
In this lecture, you will learn about the principles, importance, and impact of recovery, and learn how to recover through nutrition and active and passive recovery methods, so that you can feel confident in what you know about recovery and find ways to improve it.
In addition, you will gain an understanding of the environments and situations that can affect recovery and performance, and how they can be addressed.


✅ I recommend it to these people

1. 1-2 years of experience in the sports field
2. want to improve their athletes' performance further
3. working in the field and have unanswered questions about recovery exercises


✅ After you take a lecture, you will learn by:

1. create a holistic recovery plan for your athletes.
2. provide theoretical support for recovery methods that you have been curious about.
3. apply and combine currently trending recovery methods with methods from other disciplines.


lecture composition 📚


Lecture 01 - Definition of Recovery

Lecture 02 - Nutrition for Proper Recovery

Lecture 03 - Different methods for proper recovery

Lecture 04 - How movement affects recovery

Lecture 05 - How Sleep Affects Recovery

Lecture 06 - Creating an environment for recovery

Lecture 07 - How Sleep and Movement Affect Soccer Performance

Lecture 08 - Team Support Checklist as a Sports PT

Lecture 09 - Plan for Recovery



SoonMin, Kwon

  • Graduated from Department of Physical Therapy, AGF Frankenthal (Akademie der Gesundheitsfachberufe)
  • Staatlich anerkannter Physiotherapeut (German physiotherapist)
  • Manuelle Therapie (German orthopedic therapy qualification)
  • Manuelle Lymphdrainage (German lymphatic manipulation qualification)
  • Sportsphysiotherapie Grundkurs (German sports physiotherapy basic course)
  • Stadtklinik Frankenthal Frankenthal City Hospital (2009-2010)
  • Physiopraxis Wolf Wolf Physiotherapy Clinic (2013-2014)
  • TSG Hoffenheim Bundesliga(2014-2021)
  • Current) Daejeon Hana Citizen


lecture material