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On-Field Care and Injury Prevention in Football 완결 

강사님 MunKyo, Kim
클래스 구성 Lesson 7
총 시간 약 분
12개월 할부시 월 원
로그인후 장바구니
로그인후 즉시구매

Class Introduction


Who is this class for?


The only thing soccer fans see and judge in the colorful and fierce sports scene is the game, but in the real field outside the stadium, training using various techniques for the best performance is applied.
If you divide the basic skills that team physical therapists working in the field must have, one of them is post-situation treatment and the other is a preventive activity that is also the core of sports medicine. In this lecture, I will describe the factors that will make my first step as a clinician a stable leap forward. I believe that different data will contribute to creating a better team if the techniques introduced in the lecture are applied to make scientific decisions in sports within a well-organized large framework. Sometimes there is a process that is more beautiful than the result. Let's start learning for the process.


✅ I recommend it to these people

1. Health/medical professionals working in sports, including doctors, physiotherapists, and medical trainers
2. Clinicians or prospective graduates who wish to become team physiotherapists with good job performance
3. Clinicians or prospective graduates who wish to be trainers with a good understanding of their work
4. Coaching staff who want to build a stronger and better team for the players


✅ After you take a lecture, you will learn by:

1. Learn basic resuscitation in emergencies.
2. Learn injury prevention techniques and design well-organized prevention programs.
3. We can collect, classify, and present injury data for our team players.
4. Learn how to prevent the most frequent injuries in soccer.
5. Learn how to prevent the most serious injuries in soccer.


✅ What you'll need

1. Functional anatomy
2. Exercise Physiology


lecture composition 📚


Lecture 01 - Football Related Trauma and Emergency Medical Care

Lecture 02 - Football Injury Prevention

Lecture 03 - Collecting and Presenting Injury Data

Lecture 04 - Training Capacity and Proper Movement Application for Football Players

Lecture 05 - Structured Football Injury Prevention Program

Lecture 06 - Hamstring Injury Prevention Strategies and Practice for Football Players

Lecture 07 - ACL Injury Prevention Strategies and Practices for Football Players

Lecture 08 - Summary



MunKyo, Kim

  • Master’s degree in physical therapy from Daejeon University Graduate School
  • Diploma, Sports Physical Therapies, International Olympic Committees
  • Diploma, Football Medicine, Federation Internationale de Football Association
  • Team leader, Sky Hospital Sports Injury Center
  • Current) American Heart Association instructor
  • Current) Sports Mental Coach
  • Former) Jincheon National Training Center Sports Physicotherapist
  • SK Hawks professional handball team trainer
  • Dedicated trainer for leadership education at the Korea Football Association
  • Australian Sports Physiotherapy Lv.1
  • Anatomy training at Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Tokyo Olympics IOC Sports Medicine Academic Course
  • Beijing Olympics IOC Sports Medicine Academic Course
  • Titleist Golf Performance Course (TPI)
  • Asian Football Confederation (AFC) leadership training session
  • Prague School DNS course A,B
  • EXOS athlete training Phase 1
  • Sky Sports Hospital Sports Rehabilitation Course (Sky Sports Academy)


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